Limerick ALCS Game 4 Yanks – Rangers

Nothing off Lee; Yankees crash & burn

Wood, Andy deserved runs: much concern

Game 3: AJ’s gut check

Bats too: all hands on deck

Make the Boss proud with a win you earn



One year ago:

Now in sunshine,
keep the pressure on

Show your wits &
flex your mighty brawn

Silence the Rally

And make the Angels

Tex: time to drive balls high, far & gone

ALCS Game 3 Limerick Yanks – Rangers

In game 2, hitting
& Hughes went cold

For Yanks an ugly
sight to behold

Can Andy outduel

An awesome sight to

Home mystique &
Pettitte good as gold



One year ago:

Walk-offs are fun;
last night keeps home field

D has been stellar, Tex – just won’t yield

But Mark steady your

That lethal bat
please find

A power charge to
match mighty shield

Limerick ALCS Game 2 Yanks – Rangers

Yanks with Cano can do a comeback

Marcus makes Moseley win, Ryan crack

Taking pressure off Hughes

Provide a hitting muse

Al & Tex: show the fans you got smack



One year ago:

Tonight’s the night
for more history

Routing a foe is no

Tex, to thine heart be true

Encased in Yankee

Take your lumber and
lance victory

ALCS Game 1 Yanks – Rangers

A Yank ALCS thanks
to Hughes

Swish & Thames
HRs gave Twins the blues

Must rely on the ace

Freezing Rangers in

C’mon big bats: help
CC to cruise



One year ago:

Rain, rain, come
again some other day

Not tomorrow when
the Yankees play

We want our team to

Tragic if not a sin

To miss Tex and his
magic display

ALDS Limerick Game 3 Yanks – Twins

Dandy Andy did not let us down

Woody, Mo & Puma
took the town

Phil, close the series out

With your team, leave no doubt

The Yanks are poised for another crown



One year ago:

It’s time Tex to be up for Game Two

Help AJ win with all
that you do

Bat with blistering

Glove reaching with
full length

For team
togetherness you’re true glue

Limerick ALDS Game two Yanks – Twins

CC battled but Tex came up big

Only game one: no cause for a jig

Yankees count on Andy

To be more than handy

Getting them nearer a title swig



One year ago:

Today Yanks begin a
special quest

To prove to baseball
they are the best

Tex, they will need your help

In making the Twins

Attack like Patton
with verve and zest

Limerick ALDS Game 1 Yanks – Twins

Yanks take the road for the post-season

Ducking Lee in 5 seems the reason

Show fans you’re still the champ

CC: tame the Twins’ camp

Bats: don’t wait solely for the home run



One year ago:

Practice makes
perfect, so it is said

In the playoffs, be
the team they dread

Please hit the ball
a ton

Be deer-like when
you run

Tex, on our team be a constant thread

Limerick Game Two Yanks – Red Sox

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Yankees squeak out a win in game one

Mo back in his form, gets the job done

Keep the lead in the East

Off the Sox you must feast

Help AJ with many a home run


Limerick October 2 Yanks – Red Sox (game one)

Yankees took sole first place in the rain

Keeping it the trick you must sustain

If Andy outduels Wake,

Bats continue to rake,

The Yanks get closer to East champagne



One year ago:

Last weekend of the
Yankee season

Finish with gusto –
all else treason

Tex, give the voters pause

Show your game has
no flaws

Number 27 sees its

Limerick October 1 Yanks – Red Sox

Yanks: the AL East remains in play

Show us you want it, and not just say

Support Andy with runs

With power from big guns

That bash their blasts halfway to Bombay



One year ago:

October baseball –
last real off day

Finish the season in
Tampa Bay

Tex, enjoy your last break

Prepare your mighty

Rev it up and be
ready to play